Welding Cutting Do`s Don`ts

Welding and Cutting – Do`s And Don`ts


  1. Be sure to use the right personal protective equipment (PPE).
  2. Shield different laborers from splashes and flashes.
  3. Keep a sufficient fire extinguisher on hand.
  4. Give fire watch if necessary.
  5. Use local exhaust ventilation systems or work in well-ventilated areas to minimize exposure to welding fumes.
  6. Follow manufacturer guidelines for maintenance and ensure proper grounding of equipment.
  7. Use fire-resistant curtains or shields to protect nearby objects and personnel from sparks and molten metal.
  8. Keep combustible materials out of the area where cutting and welding are being done.
  9. Avoid welding or cutting in confined spaces unless necessary.
  10. Secure all associations, couplings and fittings on your apparatus.
  11. Before using equipment, inspect it for damage, leaks, or malfunctions.
  12. Ensure that the work area has adequate ventilation to disperse fumes and gases.
  13. Contain slag and sparks from welding or burning processes.
  14. Shield welding leads and burning hoses by covering or suspending.
  15. Avoid welding or cutting on containers that may contain hazardous substances without proper knowledge and precautions.
  16. Store gas cylinders with the valve end facing up.
  17. In storage, keep oxygen and acetylene separated by 20 feet or a half-hour-rated fire wall of five feet.
  18. Close cylinder valves when not in use and during transportation.
  19. Make sure flash back arrestor installed in gas cutting set.
  20. Inspect gas cutting set before use and on regular basis.
  21. Remove all debris from the work area after finishing work.
  22. Obtain proper training and certification before performing welding or cutting operations.


  1. If there are oily rags, dust, or other combustible materials nearby, do not cut or weld there.
  2. Weld in a location only if other workers are shielded from the welding arc by a welding screen.
  3. Transportation of bottles fitted with gauges.
  4. Weld or cut without proper training.
  5. Utilize worn cable.
  6. Utilize old hoses.
  7. Touch electrode holders or welding cables with wet gloves or bare hands.
  8. Wear garments of manufactured textures.
  9. Weld or cut in confined spaces without precautions.
  10. Unless you are wearing eye protection, assist anyone who is cutting or welding.
  11. Neglect fire safety.
  12. Neglect electrical safety.
  13. You should leave your workplace without informing others of the burn risk.
  14. Work in a field that lacks foundation.
  15. Remove protective coatings or work on containers without proper knowledge.
  16. Cut or weld hot tanks or pipe without taking the necessary precautions.
  17. Run welding leads and consuming entryways.
  18. Make an effort to move compressed gas from one cylinder to the next.
  19. Use valve protection caps to lift cylinders.

Welding and Cutting – Do`s And Don`ts