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Safe Usage Of PPE

PPE is last line of defense which means there is nothing between you and your PPE that will protect you from a Hazard.

Below are the ways in which PPE fails to Protect us are;

  1. Wrong PPE:
    Wearing only Light Eye Protection while grinding.
    Use of PVC gloves when there is need of rubber gloves.
    Using dust mask when vapor mask required.
  2. Damaged of modified PPE:
    Drilling holes in ear protection.
    Removing vents from goggles.
    Torn acid suit
  3. Not wearing specified PPE:
    Not wearing goggles while drilling.
    Not wearing gloves while lifting.
    Not wearing ear defenders whilst grinding.
  4. Wearing PPE incorrectly:
    Safety helmet on backwards.
    Overalls tied around waist.
    Earplugs no inserted into ear canal.
  5. Wearing contaminated PPE:
    Tipping contamination on goggles into own eyes when removing.
    Removing acid suit without decontaminating.
    Using PPE not issued to you.

To counter these failures PPE should only be used if the individual is competent in its use.  The individual has inspected the PPE.  The individual has been made aware of the correct method of putting on and removing PPE.

Safe Usage Of PPE

Always do assessments to ensure you have the correct PPE for the job.

Personal protection is the last line of defense.  It is personal to you. 

If you abuse it, fail to use it or are given the wrong type it is only you who will be injured.

  • In case of Doubt, ask for the same.
  • Get PPE issued from authorised.
  • Check it every-time before use.
  • Wear it every-time.
  • And last but not the least, if you take of your PPE then PPE will take care of you.

Ensure Safe Usage Of PPE to protect yourself from a Hazard.

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