Environment is a set of conditions or surroundings in which a persons, animals, plants, soil, water and others that live, interact and/or sustain.

  • It derived from French word “Environ” means “Surrounding”.
  • Environment refers to an aggregate of conditions or surroundings in which living beings such as humans, animals, and plants live or survive and non-living things exist.
  • It is interaction of living and non living things.
  • It means anything that surrounds us.
  • It is circumstances, objects and conditions by which we are surrounding with.
  • It means the surroundings of physical entities that may interact with system by exchanging their properties like mass, energy, etc.
  • It means air, water, land in or which people, animals, plants and microorganisms or any living things live.

let us see in some different languages:

  • Hindi: पर्यावरण, Paryavaran.
  • Gujarati : પર્યાવરણ, Vatavaran.
  • Urdu: ماحول, Mahol.
  • Tamil: சூழல், Suzhal.
  • Bangla: পরিবেশ, Paribesh.
  • there are many more.

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