Confined Space Safety Awareness Training-Safety Bulletin

Confined Space Safety Awareness Training-Safety Bulletin

Definition of Confined Space:

  • Confined space means space which has limited or restricted means for entry or exit and is not for continuous occupancy.
  • Confined space includes, but not limited to, hoppers, pits, manholes, silos, tanks, vessels, ducts, pipelines, storage equipment, etc.

Criteria for confined space must meet:

  • It has limited means of egress.
  • Enough space to enter.
  • It is not for continuous human occupancy.
  • It should be affixed with signage properly for identification.

Requirement of Confined Space Work Permit:

  • Presence of identified hazards like, but not limited to, mechanical hazards, electrical hazards, atmospheric hazards, entrapments hazard, etc.
  • Only trained and experience workmen allowed to work in confined space, ensure refresher training to be imparted regularly.
  • To complete Proper Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment.
  • Safe arrangement for entry, exit and rescue operation in case of emergency.
  • Availability of stand by monitor/supervision of work in confined space who don’t have any other task to assigned except it.
  • Testing of space for oxygen level, flammable atmosphere, toxic chemicals, and space is safe from collapse.
  • Proper understanding of emergency situations, rescue and evacuation procedures to all team members. Avoid unplanned rescue.
  • To make availability of proper means of communication.
  • To check space is empty, cleaned, ventilated and isolated.

Do not attempt to work in confined space:

  • Before testing for oxygen level, flammable atmosphere, toxic chemicals, etc.
  • Without proper training.
  • Before structure check up to make sure it will not collapse.
  • Without stand by monitoring and supervision availability.
  • Before completion of proper hazard identification and risk assessment along with control measures implementation.
  • Without appropriate PPEs including self-contained breathing apparatus.
  • Before predetermination of safe work method statement.
  • Without approved confined space work permit from all level as per standard requirements.

Immediately exit the confined space:

  • In case development of any unsafe condition.
  • Any gap in monitoring and supervision availability.
  • Any disturbance in ventilation.

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