Tool Box Talk

Tool Box Talk is form of trainings to communicate and fulfil safety requirements.

  • It provides information to workmen about hazards, controls, work processes, etc.
  • Tool Box Talk includes topics related to EHS.
  • It helps to create and encourage safe and healthy work environment.
  • TBT is a short safety meeting for particular safety issues related to job and workplace.
  • It is also beneficial in post-accident communications,
  • Useful for safe work practices implementation.
  • It is useful to communicate implementation of control measures.
  • A person who has expertise in the given topic should give TBT.
  • It should be short and to the point.
  • Ideally it is of 15 minutes.
  • It depends on the work to perform.
  • We can give it on daily, weekly, fortnightly and/or monthly basis.
  • We can conduct at the beginning of shift, before starting any work.
  • We can incorporate it in safety meetings.
  • It does not replace safety training as it is a short safety meeting.
  • However, It includes particular safety issues related to work in a time bound manner.
  • TBT Attendance Sheet is must after each and every TBT meeting.

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