Electrical Safety – Do’s and Dont’s

Electrical Safety : Do’s and Dont’s

Don`t take chance while dealing with electricity, it may lead you in DANGER.

DO`S ::

  • Work with electrical equipment only if you are trained and Authorized to do so.
  • Disconnect or isolate all electrical equipment before working on it and strictly follow Lock Out Tag Out procedure.
  • Wear approved rubber gloves and rubber-soled shoes and boots.
  • Use insulating map on damp surfaces.
  • Pull the plug itself, not the cord attached to it.
  • Stay away from power lines.
  • Stay away from transformers and substations.
  • Ensure Isolation has been Proven.
  • Ensure you work safely and to the rules.
  • Keep machines and other electrical equipment clean and well lubricated. 
  • Obey warnings to stay away from electrical circuits and locked-out equipment. 
  • Read and follow manufacturer’s instructions for safe use of electrical equipment.
  • Report electrical faults to your supervisor immediately.
  • Only use standard and certified electrical appliances.

​DON`T ::

  • Don’t work live.
  • Don’t work without Permit to Work, Method Statement And Hazard Identification Risk Assessment.
  • Don’t plug too much stuff into one outlet.
  • Don’t wear metal objects which may act as conductors of electricity.
  • Don’t wear loose clothing which might tangle in wiring or machinery.
  • Don’t touch water or damp surfaces.
  • Don’t touch unearthed metal or bare surfaces.
  • Don’t Install or repair sockets and plugs, unless trained and authorized to do so.
  • Break off an earth pin to fit a plug into a socket.
  • Do not touch the victim. Instead switch off.
  • Do not pull Electrical wires, It may harm you
  • Do not use a machine or power tool that smokes, sparks, smells or shocks.
  • Don’t reach blindly into a space that may contain energized equipment.
  • Don’t use temporary wiring.

Follow Electrical Safety – Dos and Dont`s to avoid any mishap or accident. Be alert, Be Safe.