Effects of ventilation

Effects of good ventilation

  1. Availability of sufficient fresh air for breathing or life.
  2. Removing oxygen deficiency from a confined space.
  3. Removal or dilution of carbon dioxide and other air pollutions.
  4. Decrease in environmental heat or temperature.
  5. Maintaining metabolic body temperature or heat balance.
  6. Removal of air contaminants (dust, gas, fumes, mist etc) from work room.
  7. Maintaining room temperature for comfort.
  8. Providing desired air conditioning (cooling or heating).
  9. Removal of body odour and bad smell from the room.
  10. After heavy physical work, evaporating body sweating and making the body cool.
  11. Decreasing discomfort and distress.
  12. Maintaining efficiency of work.
  13. Decreasing chances of accidents and maintaining safety and productivity.
  14. Providing better job satisfaction and good attitudes.
  15. Increasing cooling rate of hot vessels or hot substances.
  16. To maintain overall comfortable working conditions and
  17. To help compliance of statutory provisions and standards.
Effects of Ventilation
Effects of Ventilation

Effects of bad ventilation

  1. Non availability of fresh air for life.
  2. Discomfort due to increase in body heat and process heat.
  3. Increase in body stress and strain.
  4. Increase of air contaminants.
  5. Increase in chances of accidents, poor efficiency and lower production.