Work at Height Safety

Do and Don`t-Work at Height Safety

Before working at height:


  • Do observe the state of the site to get an overall view.
    (Site/shelter walkways free of tripping and slipping hazards, ladders are complete and in good condition, Do cables routing and earthing properly.)
  • Do ensure that riggers/climbing personnel/s are fully trained for working at height and are medically fit.
  • Do, check and complete hazard identification and Risk Assessment properly.
  • Do conduct a Tool Box Talk Meeting, describing the scope of work, highlighting potential hazards and take control measures to minimize risk, 100% Tie off.
  • Do fill up PTW form and take the permission to perform work at height.
  • Do determine what to do in an emergency, and make sure a complete First Aid Kit, Emergency contact numbers are available at site.
  • Do check that all PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) are available at site and are as per specifications.
  • Do check that ladders are in good condition, fully anchored at the site.
  • Do place a warning sign displaying “Work at Height Ongoing”, use warning tape at site.
  • Do assess the particular risks climbing the tower/pole/installation (proper ladder, railings, sharp edges etc.)
  • Do ensure that the external conditions are safe – weather conditions, animals hazards etc.
  • Do check if the tower, shelter, electrical panel/s, DG is having proper earthing and grounding.
  • Do check the lifting devices/equipment before initialize lifting activities. 
Work At Height Safety, control measures and preventive measures, hazards and risks of work at height
Work At Height Safety


  • Don`t initiate work at height if the risks are unacceptable, site is prone to hazard conditions.
  • Don`t initiate any job in case of PPE are not available, escalate to your superior for further advice/instructions.
  • Don`t initiate work at height if personnel is not trained, medically fit to carry out work.
  • Don`t initiate work if PPE, ropes, lanyards etc are substandard or worn out.
  • Don`t initiate work at height in case equipment/instrument is not having properly earthing connection.


DO`S :

  • Do use ladder primarily to access/climbing purposes.
  • Do always wear helmet, full body harness, Safety shoes, gloves or other PPE during work at height. 
  • Do always be 100% tied to the tower during infra activities; always keep 3 points of contacts at the site.
  • Do use adequate protective clothing.
  • Do avoid working/passing through under the construction site/work activities to avoid risk of falling of objects.
  • Do make sure lifting straps, Fix rope properly with equipment.
  • Do inform rest of the team that hoisting is going on.


  • Don`t Climb/Work at height unless you are trained and medically fit for the work assigned.
  • Don`t climb/Work at height if external conditions are hazardous (heavy rain/wind, lightning etc.)
  • Don`t talk on mobile phone while Climbing/Working at height.
  • Don`t work at height after dark.
  • Don`t work at height when alone at site.
  • Don`t continue work at height if you feel dizzy, not feeling well.
  • Don`t use ladders for heavy work or when carrying heavy loads.
  • Never work or walk under the hoisted load.