Ladder Safety

Ladder Safety

Definition of Ladder:

Ladder is an equipment which is used to climb up. It consist of pieces of metal, wood, Fiber Glass or rope with steps fixed in between.

Types of Ladders:

  1. Step Ladder.
  2. Stock Ladder.
  3. Extension Ladder.
  4. Trestle Ladder.
  5. Fixed Ladder.
  6. Rope Ladder.

Select correct type of Ladder for job:

  • Consider height of work from the ground level.
  • Ladder must be over extended from the access point.
  • It should be high enough to work without standing on the first 2 step of the ladder in case of step ladder.
  • Ladder material should be of sound and appropriate according to work. Don`t use metal ladder in case of working around Electricity.
  • Consider weight to be placed.
  • Consider clearance and fall protection criteria.
  • Only use standard certified Ladder.
Step Ladder Safety, Ladder Safety Inspection Checklist
Ladder Safety

Do and Don`t while using Ladder

Do :

  • Maintain 3 points of contact while using ladder.
  • Be in center and toward the ladder all the time.
  • Adjust position of ladder properly before climbing on it.
  • Use all required PPE as per job requirement.
  • Make sure ladder is neat and clean.
  • Inspect ladder before using and ensure it is safe to use.
  • Climb up and down cautiously.
  • Keep the body inside the side rails.
  • Ensure physical capability of ladder according to the work.
  • Keep ladder free from any slippery materials.
  • Follow 4:1 rule while using ladder.
  • Barricade the area around the ladder to avoid unwanted traffic.
  • Follow manufacturer’s instruction.
  • Mark unsafe ladder immediately after inspection.
  • Secure ladder before climbing on it.
  • Allow only one person at a time on ladder unless it is designed to do so.
  • Wear slip resistant shoes while climbing on ladder.
  • Use only correct ladder according to work.
  • Ensure person is trained and experience to perform work by using ladder.


  • Don`t use ladder if tag says not to use.
  • Never lean or over stretch while using ladder.
  • Don`t try to move ladder while on the ladder.
  • Don`t place ladder on any unstable bases.
  • Don`t exceed ladder maximum capacity.
  • Don`t work near overhead power lines.
  • Don`t use metal ladder while working with electricity.
  • Don`t overload ladder.
  • Don`t try to make extension ladder from normal ladder by tempering it.
  • Don`t use ladder as a platform.
  • Don`t use ladder on soft or loose ground.
  • Don`t use damaged or tempered ladder.
  • Don`t leave tools/Material/Equipment on the ladder.
  • Don`t carry any material while climbing, take help of coworker.
  • Don`t stand on top of the ladder or step below the the top cap of the ladder.
  • Do not take short cuts.
  • Do not work alone if it not safe to do so.
  • Never use ladder under the influence of alcohol or drugs/medication or in ill health.
  • Never slide down on the ladder.
  • Do not use ladder in high wind.

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