First Aid Kit Inspection Checklist

Daily/Weekly/Monthly First Aid Kit Inspection Checklist

First Aid Kit No:
Last Date of Inspection:
Date of Inspection:
Due date of Inspection:

Sr. No.  Material NameQuantityUsedRefilledStock
1Small Size Sterilized Dressings24
2Medium Size Sterilized Dressings12
3Large Size Sterilized Dressings12
4Large Size Burn Dressings12
5Cotton Wool 10 gm12
6Cetrimide solution (1%) on a suitable antiseptic solution (200 ml)01
7Mercurochrome (2%) in water (200 ml)01
8Sal-volatile having the dose and mode of administration indicated on label (120 ml)01
10Adhesive plaster (6 cms x 1 meter)01
11Adhesive plaster (2 cms x 1 meter)01
12Sterilized eye pads (in sealed packets)12
13Polythene wash bottle (500 c.c.) for washing eyes01
14Roller bandages 10 cms. wide12
15Roller bandages 5 cms. wide12
16Triangular bandages06
17Safety pins Packet02
18Kidney tray01
19Snake-bite lancet01
20Potassium Permanganate crystals (30 ml)01
21First Aid Leaflet issued by DGFASLI01
 Name of person with signature and date who inspected first aid kit
First Aid Kit Inspection Checklist
First Aid Kit Inspection Checklist

Important Note for First Aid Kit Inspection Checklist:

  • Content Applicable on factories employing more than 50 employee rules prescribed under sub sec(1) of sec 45 of GFR,1963, please refer factories act and state rules for more details. This is just for your information.
  • It Is advisable that first aid kit can not contain medicines, it is recommended not to give medication without prescription of doctor and victim consent.
  • It is recommended to maintain sterility of all content by changing first aid kit content as and when required.
  • Make List of first aider, Emergency team details and First Aid Register/Logbook to be available at required location.
Contact EHS Or OHC for refilling or replace missing item of first aid kit.