Tool Box Talk-Introduction

Tool Box Talk is form of training to communicate and fulfil safety requirements.
It is a way for information provision to workmen to have their say about hazards/controls, incidents/accidents, work processes and company procedures.
Tool Box Talk includes various topics related to workplace Environment, Health, Fire and Safety.
It helps to create and encourage safe and healthy work environment.

What does mean a “Tool Box Talk”?
  • Tool Box Talk is a short safety meeting which addresses particular safety issues related to job and workplace.
  • However, it is beneficial in post-accident communications, before work execution and safe work practices enforcement.
  • It is useful to communicate workplace Hazard, Risk and implementation of control measures.
Who can conduct a “Tool Box Talk”?
  • Anyone can conduct Tool Box Talk. It is good if a person who have expertise in the given topic should give Tool Box Talk.
What should be duration of Tool Box Talk?
  • It should be short and to the point which is equally important.
  • Ideally it is of 15 minutes.
  • It depends on the work to perform.
  • We can give it on daily, weekly, fortnightly and/or monthly basis as per requirement.
Location and time for Tool Box Talk?
  • Tool Box Talk can be arranged at a comfortable location.
  • It can be conducted at the beginning of shift, before starting any work.
  • It can be incorporated during project safety meetings, operational safety meetings, etc.
Why we shall run Tool Box Talk?
  • For information of changes to company procedures.
  • To Identify new hazards and review existing hazards.
  • To develop and review hazard controls.
  • For discussion and review accident and incident data.
  • To increase Employee participation.
  • For Communication purpose.
  • To Discuss programmes.
  • to Develop/review work processes.
  • Short training sessions.
Do “Tool Box Talks” replace safety trainings requirements?
  • It does not replace safety training as it is a short safety meeting which addresses to particular safety issues related to work in a time bound manner.
Is it necessary to use predefined “Tool Box Talks”?
  • No. Predefined Tool Box Talks are for assistance. We should conduct on any safety issue related to work environment.

What are the Hindrance to Tool Box Talk ?

  • Lack of time : all are too busy to spare a time to conduct tool box talk
  • Attitude towards safety : Workmen take tool box talk as take it granted and think it is waste of time.
  • Culture : Poor safety culture.
  • Responsibility : Absence of leadership and unavailability of proper defined procedures.
  • Shift patterns : difficult to execute where there are operations running in shifts (First, Second, Night and General shifts).
  • Lack of Resources : not having enough resources to deliver Tool Box Talk regularly.
  • High Staff change : it is very difficult to deliver same to tool box talk over and over as old workmen left and replaced by new workmen.

Record or attendance of Tool Box Talk:

  • Tool Box Talk Attendance Form/Sheet is must to take after each and every tool box talk meeting.
  • Below is the sample tool box talk attendance sheet or tool box talk attendance sheet you can use for record keeping.
Tool Box Talk Attendance Form Sheet Global EHS Forms 001
Tool Box Talk Attendance Form/Sheet

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