Ladder Safety Inspection Checklist

Ladder Safety Inspection Checklist

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1Ladder should be physically in good condition without ware and tare.
2Feet of the ladder should work properly.
3Feet of the ladder should have slip resistant pads.
4Ladder rung locks and spreader braces should be in working condition.
5Bolts, rivets, fasteners, anchors and supports, screws of Ladder should be tight and secured.
6Platform and steps of the ladder should be in good condition without any damage. It should be firm and secured.
7Ladder steps and rungs should be free from debris, dirt, oil, grease and other material.
8Ladder should be stored properly and well maintained while not in use.
9Ladder should be inspected before each use and documented.
10Ladder should be use only if it have safe to use tag.
11It should be used as per it`s design and manufacture`s instruction.
12Ladder should be free from corrosion, rot, splinters, protruding pieces, sharp edges, loose components, etc.
13For extension ladder: locks and flippers of the locks should be in working and firm condition. Rope should be secured to the fly section and rope should move smoothly through pulley system.
14Clearance of the ladder should be free from obstructions.
15Use all required PPE while using ladder and working with ladder.
16Use correct type of ladder as per work requirement. Use it only for it`s intended purpose.
17Do not use ladder if it is unsafe or with any damage or it is tampered.
Ladder Safety Inspection Checklist Global EHS
Ladder Safety Inspection Checklist Global EHS CHK 046

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