First Aid Policy

First Aid Policy


  • First Aid is the immediate and temporary care given to victim who have been injured or suddenly get ill before medical assistant arrives.
  • It incorporates a scope of straightforward yet possibly life-saving techniques and methods pointed toward settling the patient’s condition and preventing further harm.
  • In the workplace having trained and well equipped first aid facilities is fundamental to ensure immediate response to emergency.
  • The purpose of it is to lay out guidelines and procedures for the arrangement of first aid inside the organization.


The purpose for this first aid Policy is

  • To ensure the arrangement of prompt and effective first aid to workmen and guests in case of illness, injury, or medical emergency within the workplace.
  • To promote a safe and healthy working environment and limit the effect of accident and injuries on workmen health and wellbeing.


This policy applies to all employees, contractors, visitors, and other individuals present on Global EHS [Company Name] premises or engaged in Global EHS[Company Name]`s activities. Compliance with First Aid policy is mandatory for all individuals mentioned above.

  • It encompasses all locations where work is performed, including offices, manufacturing facilities, construction sites, and any other workplace settings.
  • First policy covers the provision of first aid for a wide range of medical emergencies, injuries, and illnesses that may occur during work activities.
  • It applies to all incidents and accidents, ensuring that appropriate first aid measures are taken promptly to address the injured or ill individual.
  • It is subject to regular review and updates to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with legal requirements and industry best practices.

Policy Statement


  • [Company Name] is committed to providing adequate first aid facilities, equipment, and trained personnel to respond promptly to medical emergencies.
  • The responsibility for implementing and maintaining this first aid policy rests with [Designated Personnel or Department].

First Aid Provision

  • First aid facilities and equipment, including first aid kits, AEDs, and emergency medical supplies, will be readily available. It will be accessible at designated locations throughout the workplace.
  • Trained first aiders will be appointed to administer first aid effectively in accordance with recognized first aid protocols and guidelines.
  • Information to employees about the location of first aid facilities and the identity of trained first aiders.

Training for First Aid

  • All designated first aiders will receive appropriate training and certification in first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and the use of AEDs.
  • Regular refresher training and updates will be provided to ensure that first aiders maintain their skills and knowledge up to date.
  • Encourage employees to participate in basic first aid awareness training to enable them to provide assistance in emergency situations.

First Aid Procedures

  • In the event of an injury or medical emergency, employees and visitors should seek assistance from the nearest trained first aider or contact emergency services immediately.
  • First aiders will assess the situation, provide necessary first aid treatment, and arrange for further medical assistance if required.
  • Encourage employees to report any incidents or injuries promptly to ensure appropriate first aid measures.

Record Keeping

  • Maintain accurate records of all first aid incidents, treatments , and referrals to medical professionals in accordance with legal requirements and audit guidelines. (For e.g. Refer section.7 of documents.)
  • Regular review of Incident reports and first aid records to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement in the first aid system.

Review and Evaluation

  • Review this first aid policy periodically to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with relevant legislation, standards, and best practices.
  • Use feedback from employees and incident reports to evaluate the performance of the first aid system and identify areas for improvement.
  • Conduct regular audits and inspections to assess the condition of first aid facilities and equipment and ensure compliance with the policy.

Roles And Responsibilities


  • Ensure the implementation, and maintenance of the first aid policy.
  • Provide necessary resources, support, and training for first aid personnel.
  • Monitor compliance with the policy and address any issues or concerns.
  • Review and update the policy as needed as per regulations or best practices.

Designated First Aid Personnel

  • Receive appropriate training and certification in first aid, CPR, and AED use.
  • Be available and accessible to provide immediate first aid assistance during emergencies.
  • Assess the situation, administer first aid treatment, and arrange further medical assistance if necessary.
  • Maintain first aid equipment and facilities and ensure stock, accessibility, and in working condition.


  • Familiarize all with the location of first aid facilities and trained first aiders.
  • Report any incidents, injuries, or hazards promptly to designated personnel.
  • Cooperate with first aider and follow their instructions during emergencies.
  • Participate in first aid training and awareness programs to enhance their ability to respond to emergencies.

Health and Safety Committee/Representatives

  • Participate in development, review, and implementation of the first aid policy.
  • Provide input and feedback on the effectiveness of first aid procedures and protocols.
  • Monitor workplace hazards and identify areas for improvement in first aid provision.
  • Communicate first aid-related information and updates to employees and management.

Human Resources Department

  • Assist in the recruitment and selection of designated first aid personnel.
  • Maintain records of first aid training, certification, and refresher courses for employees.
  • Coordinate first aid training sessions and ensure compliance with training requirements.
  • Address any employee concerns or questions related to first aid policies and procedures.

External Emergency Services

  • Respond promptly to calls for emergency medical assistance from the workplace.
  • Provide advanced medical care and transportation to medical facilities, if necessary.
  • Coordinate with designated first aid personnel and provide assistance as needed during emergencies.


First Aid

  • First Aid is the immediate and temporary care given to victim who have been injured or suddenly get ill before medical assistant arrives.

First Aider

  • A first aider is an individual trained to provide immediate assistance and basic medical care to people who have been injured or taken ill, typically before professional medical help arrives.

CPR: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

  • It is an emergency medical procedure for a victim of cardiac arrest or, in some circumstances, respiratory arrest.

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs):

  • AEDs are portable devices that deliver an electric shock to he heart to restore normal rhythm during sudden cardiac arrest.


  • A hazard is any potential source of harm or adverse effect, often arising from conditions, activities, or substances, that can cause injury, illness, damage to property, or other negative outcomes.


  • An accident is an unexpected event that results in unintended harm, injury, damage, or loss, often caused by an unforeseen combination of circumstances or actions.


  • It is any undesired event or occurrence, often involving injury, damage, or disruption, that is due to deviation from normal operations or expectations.