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Accident Prevention – Tool Box Talk


Accident is an unplanned, unexpected, unwanted, unforeseen, undesired, unintentional event or consequences of the event which could have resulted in injury, property damage or both.

Event or consequences of event that do cause harm or damage.

These are often called LOSS-TYPE INCIDENTS.

Some facts about accidents:

  • Accidents bring loss in form of human injury/loss, property damage/loss.
  • Each and every accident takes place due to consequences of abnormal event, which can be find out by proper investigation.
  • Mostly it caused by unsafe act and unsafe condition.
  • It can be prevented by controlling or removing unsafe act and unsafe conditions.
  • All accidents are preventable by proper prevention techniques.
  • Accident caused, it just not happened.

Consequences of Accident:

It can cause :

  • Human Injury in terms of permanent or temporary disablement. Moreover, family of victim suffers.
  • Loss of Life which makes victim family suffers.
  • As a result of injury, there is loss of income.
  • Insurance cost.
  • Property damage.
  • Production loss because of work stoppage.
  • Legal proceedings.
  • Affects reputation of the company.
  • Local surrounding issues.

Accident Prevention techniques or Methods :

  • Hazard Identification And Risk Assessment (HIRA) for all activities performed and to be performed.
  • Preventive measures or controls to all identified Hazards and Risks.
  • Regular safety inspections, safety surveys, safety audits, Mock Drills etc. and rectification of gap identified.
  • Training to all resources for safe working method.
  • Awareness about hazard and related precautions in workplace.
  • Safety signage, work permit system, SOPs, Safe work method statements, MSDS etc. proven to be good effective accident prevention controls.
  • Work as per Safe Operating procedure, and strict implementation.
  • Reporting and communication of all near-miss, accidents, incidents to prevent reoccurrence of the accident.
  • Maintain Good House Keeping.

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