Five ‘E’s Of Accident Prevention

Five ‘E’s of Accident Prevention

To achieve Safety or accident prevention by the following five methods of Five ‘E’s of accident Prevention:

1. Education & Training (To prevent unsafe acts)
Education And Training Five E Of Accident Prevention Global EHS
  • This has long-term and permanent effect. This is the most powerful remedy for unsafe act of the workers.
  • It helps in finding out unsafe conditions also.

The workers’ safety training programmes should include

  • Understanding of specific hazards of their plant, process, building etc.
  • Safety rules and safe procedures.
  • Training for specialized or difficult job.
  • Job safety analysis.
  • Safety instructions for variety of jobs.
2. Engineering controls (to prevent unsafe conditions)
Engineering Controls Five E Of Accident Prevention Global EHS
  • Poor illumination and ventilation, unguarded machinery, mechanical, electrical, physical and chemical hazards, dangerous location or situation etc., are unsafe conditions which needs to eliminate in the design stage or subsequent engineering revision and controls.
  • This is the first and most effective remedy. .
  • Some engineering controls are – substitution of less hazardous material, machine, method, process, vessel etc. risk reduction, process modification, isolation, segregation, guarding, fencing, barricading, enclosure, dilution, safe design, failsafe device and safety devices including alarms, trips, safety valve, NRV, PRV, FFE, etc.
3. Enforcement (of safety rules)
Enforcement Five E Of Accident Prevention Global EHS
  • All statutory safety provisions should be followed for our own safety and safety of others.
  • Self initiation for full compliance is necessary, otherwise government authorities may take action.
  • In addition, other safety rules for our plant should also be framed and followed. Willful neglect or disobey of safety rules or orders should be dealt with strictly.
  • Enforcement measures include – new law, amendment in old law, company safety rules, implementation and legal action.
4. Enthusiasm (to maintain interest)
Enthusiasm Five E Of Accident Prevention Global EHS
  • Like a catalyst it adds to safety awareness and motivation.
  • Top management should pass it to the lowest worker.
  • Workers should kept safety conscious.
  • Develop and maintain it by proper safety attitude, competition, prizes, awards, publicity, incentives etc.
  • This includes motivation and participation in safety programmes.
5. Example setting (to lead for safety)
Example Setting Five E Of Accident Prevention Global EHS
  • The top executives, managers and supervisors should set an example to others by the self-enforcement of safety rules.
  • Then others will follow them. This is a chain reaction to increase and maintain safety.