Diesel Generator Inspection Checklist

Diesel Generator Inspection Checklist

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1Diesel Generator should be physically in good condition
2Display panel of DG should be in good condition.
3Emergency button should be visible and tested properly.
4Door of the Diesel Generator should be in good operable condition.
5Installation of Spark arrestor as per the legal requirement.
6Provision of MCB/ELCB/RCCB in the panel of the power supply.
7Diesel tank should be leakage free.
8Placement of Diesel generator on the aggregate/Gravel stone.
9Availability of Fitness certificate (from the competent authority).
10Availability of Pollution certificate (from the competent authority).
11Proper environment monitoring should be done as per the legal requirement.
12Keep suitable Fire Extinguisher and sand buckets in ample quantity available near by Diesel Generator.
13Diesel Generator should operated by the competent, authorized and experienced personel only.
14Spill Kit should be available at the Diesel Generator.
15Diesel generator area should be neat and clean, it should be free from leakage, spillage, etc. around the area.
16Availability of Insulated Rubber mate should at all panel of the Diesel Generator.
17Display Proper signages as per the requirement.
18Proper maintenance of diesel generator at regular interval as per predefined time line and checklist.
19Make standard operating procedure of diesel generator operation and maintenance available at location and make sure diesel generator operator shall under go training for the same at regular intervals.
20Storage of diesel generator fuel shall be in separate and designated storage area.
Diesel Generator Safety Inspection Checklist Global EHS
Diesel Generator Safety Inspection Checklist
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