Cleaner Production Technology


Cleaner Production Technology means “The continuous application of an integrated preventive environmental strategy applied to processes, products, and services to increase overall efficiency and reduce risks to humans and the environment.”

Principles of Cleaner Production Technology:

Precaution principle

  • Preventive principle
  • Integration principle

Cleaner Production practices:

1. Good housekeeping

Take appropriate managerial and operational actions to prevent:

  • Leaks.
  • Spills.
  • To enforce existing operational instructions.

2. Input substitution

Substitute input materials

  • By less toxic.
  • Or by renewable materials.
  • Or by adjunct materials which have a longer service life-time in production.

3. Better process control


  • Operational procedures.
  • Equipment instructions.
  • And process record keeping in order to run the processes more efficiently and at lower waste and emission generation rates.

4. Equipment modification

Modify the existing production equipment and utilities in order:

  • Run the processes at higher efficiency.
  • Lower waste and emission generation rates.

5. Technology change

Replacement of:

  • The technology.
  • Processing sequence.
  • Synthesis pathway.

In order to minimize waste and emission generation during production.

6. On-site recovery/reuse

  • Reuse of the wasted materials in the same process for another useful application within the company.
Cleaner Production Technology Definition
Cleaner Production Definition
Cleaner Production Technology Procedures

What are the benefits of Cleaner Production?

  1. Improving environmental situation.
  2. Continuous environmental improvement.
  3. Increasing economical benefits.
  4. Increasing productivity.
  5. Gaining competitive advantage.