National Safety Week 2024

National Safety Week 2024 | NSD 2024 | National safety week/Day Celebration Ideas | National safety week Theme 2024

The National Safety Week/Day celebration takes place every year on 4th to 10th March throughout India to reiterate safety importance.

​Greetings to all for 53rd National Safety Week/day celebration in advance with the aim to the theme of this year National Safety Week/Day 2024.

“Focus on Safety Leadership for E.S.G. Excellence”

“ई.एस.जी. उत्कृष्टता के लिए सुरक्षा नेतृत्व पर ध्यान दें “

National Safety Week Day Celebration 2024 featured
National Safety Week Day Celebration 2024 featured

Theme for National Safety Week/Day till 2024:

2024“Focus on Safety Leadership for E.S.G. Excellence”
2023“Our Aim – Zero Harm”
2022“Nurture young minds – Develop safety culture”
2021“Learn from disaster and prepare for a safer future”
2020“Enhance Health & Safety Performance by Use of Advanced Technology”
2019Cultivate and Sustain a safety culture for building nation”.
2018“Reinforce positive behavior at the workplace to realize safety and health goals”.
2017“Keep Each Other Safe”
2016“Strengthen Safety Movement To Realize Zero Harm”.
2015“Build a Safety Culture for Sustainable Supply Chain”.
2014“Workplace Management and Risk Control” and “Safety: It Takes Us Everything”
2013“Working Together to Ensure Safe and Healthy Workplace”
2012“Ensure a secure and healthy working environment – A fundamental human right”.
2011“Establish and maintain preventative safety and health culture”.
2010“Construction Safety And Occupational Health”

History of National Safety Week/Day :

  • The recommendation of the conference was approved by the 24th session of the standing labor committee, which met on 13th to 14th February 1966 at New Delhi under the chairmanship of late shri Jagjivan Ram (at that time he was union minister), and the proposal concerning the constitution of National Safety Council (NSC) was set up on 4th March 1966 by the ministry.
  • Subsequently, it was decided that this day, 4th March, should be commemorated as National Safety Day every year in the form of National awareness campaign.
  • Since 1972 the National Safety Day (NSD) is celebrated every year throughout the country to reiterate the importance of safety and create an awareness campaign throughout the country.
  • Also NSD now impacted at large level and expands to National Safety Week from 4th March to 10th March every year.

Safety leadership that contribute to ESG excellence

Safety leadership plays a crucial role in achieving ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) excellence within organizations. Below are some key aspects of Safety Leadership that contribute to ESG excellence :

1. Setting the Tone from the Top:

ESG excellence starts with senior leadership commitment. Executives must prioritize safety alongside environmental and social initiatives. When leaders prioritize safety, it sends a message throughout the organization that safety is a core value.

2. Integration of Safety into ESG Strategy:

Safety should be integrated seamlessly into the overall ESG strategy. This means aligning safety goals with environmental and social objectives, creating a holistic approach to sustainability.

3. Transparent Communication:

Effective safety leadership involves transparent communication about safety goals, progress, and challenges. This transparency fosters trust among stakeholders and demonstrates a commitment to safety as a core value.

4. Empowering Employees:

Safety leadership involves empowering employees to take ownership of safety initiatives. This can include providing training, resources, and support for employees to identify and address safety concerns proactively.

5. Continuous Improvement:

Safety leadership requires a commitment to continuous improvement. This involves regularly assessing safety performance, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing strategies to enhance safety culture and practices.

6. Accountability:

Safety leadership holds individuals and teams accountable for safety performance. This accountability reinforces the importance of safety and ensures that safety goals are prioritized and achieved.

7. Collaboration and Stakeholder Engagement:

Safety leadership involves collaboration and engagement with internal and external stakeholders. This can include partnering with suppliers, customers, and community organizations to enhance safety practices and outcomes.

8. Innovation:

Safety leadership embraces innovation to drive continuous improvement in safety performance. This can involve leveraging technology, data analytics, and best practices to identify and mitigate safety risks effectively.

9. Recognition and Reward:

Safety leadership recognizes and rewards individuals and teams for their contributions to safety excellence. This recognition reinforces positive safety behaviors and motivates continued commitment to safety goals.

10. Measuring Impact:

Safety leadership measures the impact of safety initiatives on organizational performance and ESG goals. This involves tracking key safety metrics, analyzing trends, and using data to inform decision-making and drive continuous improvement.

By prioritizing safety leadership within organizations, companies can not only enhance safety outcomes but also contribute to ESG excellence by demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and sound governance practices.


  • Ensure that health and safety are incorporated into the work environment and daily routine accordingly.
  • Promotion of Safety Culture not only hazardous industries but also other types of industries.
  • Although encourage members of the community and school children to adopt a culture of safety as part of their daily lives.
  • Employ the best safety management system to foster a positive safety culture at work by encouraging HSE discipline and legal compliance at the same time.
  • Reaffirm the employee`s and employer`s commitment to workplace health and safety altogether.
  • Increase employee involvement in OSH-related activities.
  • Finally to create a positive safety culture, motivate people to incorporate accident prevention programs and best industrial safety practices into the workplace culture.

The Approach for National Safety Week/Day:

  • Make the most of the employee`s participation.
  • Especially encourage local talent in your factory to celebrate.
  • Specifically concentrate on your unit’s OSH requirements.
  • Unquestionably identify and emphasize OSH issues in the area.
  • Hand out information about OSH to the employees.

Things to do or ideas for National Safety Week/Day :

  • However, The celebration needs to start well in advance for the preparations to be successful.

During the National Safety Week/Day, some suggested activities include.

At Workplace

  • Administration of Safety and Health Pledge, employees under the direction of the highest-ranking executive.
    On the back of the Safety & Health Pledge, the National Safety Council designed, developed, and distributed the model text.
Safety Pledge in English and Hindi
Safety Pledge in English and Hindi
  • The NSD Flag is being unfurled before short safety speech by high ranking officer or guest or by Director or Board of members.
NSD Flag Hoisting
NSD Flag Hoisting
  • Affixing the NSD Badge to workers.
Green Triangle of National Safety Council Badge
Green Triangle of National Safety Council Badge

Placing National Safety week 2024 Banners in appropriate unit locations accordingly.

National Safety Week Day Celebration 2024 featured
National Safety Week Day Celebration Banner
  • A safety message sent to all employees by the managing director or chief executive officer specifically.
  • Essay, slogan, quiz, poster, housekeeping, safety performance, and other safety competitions altogether.
Don`t be safety blinded be safety minded
Don`t be safety blinded be safety minded
  • Schemes for safety suggestions Safety displays.
Safety Displays on National Safety Week/Day Celebration
Safety Displays
  • Songs, quawalis, one-act plays, etc.
  • Seminars, workshops, training programs, etc.
safety seminars and webinars on National Safety Week/Day Celebration
Safety Seminars, Workshops and Webinars

Screening safety films in colonies for employees and units.

safety training
Safety Training or meeting or screening of safety films
  • Demonstrations on different aspects for e.g. how to use PPE, fight fires, save people, etc.
how to use safety ppe on National Safety Week/Day Celebration
how to use safety ppe
  • Arranging drills for e.g. Fire Drills, Mock Drills, emergency drills, etc..
Safety Mock Drill or emergency drill or Fire drill on National Safety Week/Day Celebration
Safety Mock Drill or emergency drill or Fire drill
  • Also Placing safety posters in prominent areas throughout the unit.
National Safety Week/Day Celebration poster display
Safety Poster
  • Distributing awards for safety recommendations, performance, etc of course a good idea.
  • Safety photo frame inside the premises for awareness, motivation and safety with fun is on the positive side.
Safety Photo Frame
National Safety Week/Day Celebration Photo Frame
  • Lectures given by notable guests in the field to explain about safety scenario.
  • Community education programs.
  • Safety Theme Park.
  • Safety Exhibition.
  • PPE Demonstration Hall.
Safety Poster Competition
National Safety Week/Day Celebration Poster Competition

Outside of the workplace:

  • Displaying VIPs with safety badges.
  • Safety-related advertisements in regional newspapers and television stations.
  • Submitting safety-related articles to local newspapers.
  • Banners are displayed in strategic parts of the city or town.
  • Workshops and seminars.
  • Consumer and customer product safety awareness programs.
  • Contractor safety programs.


  • Main purpose of National Safety Week/Day celebration is to increase safety awareness, education and training amongst the resources of the company.
  • We can compare the data with previous year celebration so that we can come to know the status of the safety culture of the company impacted by the same.
  • Increase in participation indicates workers attention towards safety improved.
  • Let us make it happen with altogether efforts and hard work.

“Focus on Safety Leadership for E.S.G. Excellence”

“ई.एस.जी. उत्कृष्टता के लिए सुरक्षा नेतृत्व पर ध्यान दें “