What is Environment?

What is Environment?

Environment is a set of conditions or surroundings in which a persons, animals, plants, soil, water and others that live, interact and/or sustain.

It derived from French word “Environ” means “Surrounding”.

Environment refers to an aggregate of conditions or surroundings in which living beings such as humans, animals, and plants live or survive and non-living things exist.

It is interaction of living and non living things.

It means anything that surrounds us.

It is circumstances, objects and conditions by which we are surrounding with.

It means the surroundings of physical entities that may interact with system by exchanging their properties like mass, energy, etc.

It means air, water, land in or which people, animals, plants and microorganisms or any living things live.

What is Environment?

let us see it in some different languages of India:

  • Hindi: पर्यावरण, Paryavaran.
  • Gujarati : પર્યાવરણ, Vatavaran.
  • Urdu: ماحول, Mahol.
  • Tamil: சூழல், Suzhal.
  • Bangla: পরিবেশ, Paribesh.
  • there are many more.

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