Safety Officer Roles & Responsibility

Safety Officer Roles/Responsibility

  • To advice the concerned departments in planning and organizing necessary safety measures for the effective control of accidents and injuries.
  • To advise on the safety aspects on all jobs  and to carry out  detailed job safety studies of specifically chosen and critical activities.
  • To check and evaluate the compliance on the recommendations to prevent recurrence of incidents.
  • To advice the purchase and store wings in ensuring the supply of best quality PPE.
  • To advice on matters related to the execution of plant safety inspections.
  • To carry out own independent inspections about the physical conditions of the work place, practices and procedures followed by workers and to extend advice on corrective measures to be adopted .
  • To render advice related to reporting and investigation of accidents and occupational illnesses/ diseases.
  • To  undertake specific in depth investigation studies on selected accidents especially those which are very serious (fatal, disability cases, fires, mishaps , dangerous occurrences as defined under statutes. etc., ).
Duties and Responsibility of Safety Officer
Duties and Responsibility of Safety Officer
  • To advice on the preparation / preservation of records on accidents/ dangerous occurrences, occupational diseases  etc.,
  • To promote the setting up of safety committees and function as convener, member secretary/ coordinator etc.,
  • To organize campaigns and other promotional activities in association with concerned departments.
  • Design, formulate, organize and conduct training programs on safety for all employees in consultation with training departments as applicable.

Keep in mind that Safety Officer roles/responsibility is a critical part of organization or factory. It is to ensure health and safety of employees not to just fulfill legal requirements.