Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety-India-Do you know how many active sim cards on your name?

Now you can check how many active sim cards on your name and take necessary action to avoid any misuse/Fraud. Given details is applicable for India only.

It is easy to find out how many sim card are active on an individual name. DOT launched a portal TAF COP Consumer Portal ( which is useful for people to check whether someone us using a sim card on his/her name without their knowledge.

This site will help people to identify the number of mobile connections issued in their name. People can proceed to block sim card which are issued on their name but actually they are not using them.

It is very important in view of increasing incidents of unauthorized use of some ones details to purchase mobile sim cards and its illegal usage, DoT of Government of India has launched a tool which help people to get rid of numbers which in actual they are not using. Cyber safety plays an important role to avoid or prevent it.

Do you know how many active sim cards on your name?
If NO, Just check it out from below link;