Suspended Scaffold Inspection Checklist

Suspended Scaffold Pre-Operation Inspection Checklist

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1Suspended Scaffold should be physically of sound material.
2It should not be damaged.
3Scaffold should not be altered any way.
4It should not be overloaded in any case.
5It is used for its intended purpose only.
6Means of communication should be available with workers at Platform.
7Suspended scaffold should be inspected and certified by competent person.
8Suspended scaffold should not be unattended, in case it should be secured and disconnected by all means.
9It should be properly labelled and legible.
10All hardware should be in good and working condition.
11Locking devices are properly installed and in working condition. And are not worn or corroded.
12In case of welding additional safety measures should be available.
13All Electrical Connection should be fixed properly and connected in safe manner.
14Counter weight should be calculated properly as per requirement and match to load capacity of suspended scaffold.
15All joints are in good condition and rust free.
16Designed of platform should be proper and correctly assembled as per manufacturer`s instruction and design including all parts.
17Platform should be free from corrosion, rust, damage, worn, etc.
18Wire rope length should be appropriate according to job.
19The wire rope should be inspected and tested properly and properly reeved through sheaves.

Suspended Scaffold Inspection Checklist Pictorial View:

Suspended Scaffold Inspection Checklist
20The stirrup sheaves, bearings, inlet wire guides are in good condition without damage.
21When working near live wires safe distance should be maintained. Don’t allow anyone without confirming with authority regarding hazards and working criteria.
22Consider weather condition before allowing to work on suspended scaffold.
23All fittings are checked and tested under load.
24Strain reliefs are present and connected.
25Emergency stop and secondary brake should be in working condition.
26All workers must use fall arrest equipment all times. Each part of fall arrest equipment to be inspected and adjusted thoroughly including full body harness, rope grab, etc.
27Only trained authorised person allowed to work with suspended scaffold.
28Emergency rescue plan available and understood with review.
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