What is Road Hypnosis or Highway Hypnosis?


Road hypnosis or Highway hypnosis is a physical condition that most drivers are unaware of. It is also known as “White Line Fever”. It is form of distracted driving which takes place when a lack of stimulus present.

ROAD HYPNOSIS starts 2.5 hours after getting on the road. The eyes of the hypnosis driver is open, but the brain does not record and analyze what the eye sees.

  • It may be due to monotony in driving environment.
  • As a result of Automaticity.
  • Due to inactiveness, absentmindedness and inattentiveness.
  • unconscious driving.
  • tiredness or fatigue.
You have probably experienced Road Hypnosis or road hypnosis if and some scenario you experience;
  • sleepiness
  • concentration loss,.
  • dizzy feeling
  • decrease responsiveness
  • slow reaction time
  • frequent eye blinking
  • heavy eyelid
  • Wandering mind.
  • Don`t remember things that you passed by last several kilometers.

ROAD HYPNOSIS is the number one cause of rear-end crashes to parked vehicle or truck in front of you.

The driver with ROAD HYPNOSIS remembers nothing of the last 15 minutes until the moment of collision. He cannot analyze at what speed he is going, or the speed of the car in front of him; usually the collision is above 100 km.

In order to protect yourself from Road Hypnosis or Highway Hypnosis ;
  • it is necessary to stop, take a walk, drink tea or coffee every 2.5 hours, Don`t drive continuously for long time.
  • Stay alert and expect the unexpected.
  • Get a good sleep before starting journey.
  • Make sure you are physically fit before going towards long distance driving.
  • Maintain good posture while driving.
  • Try to drive in day time if it is long distance.
  • Keep checking rear view mirrors.
  • Stay hyrated.
  • avoid alcohol or any medication which makes you sleepy.

It is important to note and remember certain places and vehicles while driving.

If you don’t remember anything from the last 15 minutes, it means you are driving yourself and the co-travelers to death.

ROAD HYPNOSIS happens more often at night and if the co-travelers are also sleeping, the situation is very severe.

The driver should stop, rest, walk 5-6 minutes every 2.5 hours and keep his mind open.

Accident is inevitable if the eyes are open but the mind is closed.

Be Safe and Drive Safe !!!