How to make eco friendly natural colors for Holi at home?

Green color : made from neem leaves.

Green color can be made from the paste prepared by grinding neem leaves. Color can be played by mixing this paste in water. It will also work like face pack. Neem is beneficial for the skin due to being antibacterial and antiallergic and it gives relief in the problem of pimples, acne. After drying neem leaves, its powder can also be applied like gulal. Henna can also be used.

Red colour : Grind beetroot and boil it in water

Beetroot is easily available in this season. Grind it and boil it in water and red color is ready. If you want a deep pink color, then add more water to it. Apart from this, you can also grind it to make a paste. The special thing is that even if this color goes into the eyes and mouth, there is no harm. To protect children from harm, you can also give this color by filling it in a pitchfork.

Yellow Colour : Mix turmeric in maize flour

Turmeric is very suitable for making this color. Turmeric is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory which is very beneficial for the skin. To prepare a yellow color, mix turmeric with barley or maize flour to make a paste. Use it as a color. It will act as a natural scrub by removing dead skin. Add Turmeric in to arrowroot or rice powder and use it as a color for holi.

Saffron color: Use palash and marigold flowers

Marigold flowers can be used to make saffron. Apart from this, soak dried flower of Palash in a bucket of water or soak it overnight. Sieve it in the morning. A bucketful of thick saffron color is ready. you can use as it is or dilute it.

Orange color: Make saffron or henna by mixing it in water

Boil Marigold flower leaves in water to make a yellow color for pichkari, while powder of hibiscus flower leaves mixed with flour gives a red color. Saffron or henna mixed with water becomes orange in colour. Similarly, mixing pomegranate seeds in water becomes pink colored water.

herbal water color

Many people are very fond of playing wet Holi. Mix this color with water, and get double fun. You can easily make colored water from Tesu flowers. Take Tesu flowers and keep them in a bowl of water for a night. Next day you will get beautiful Kesari water ready. Children can also fill their balloons with this water and can also put them in the pitcher. Let me tell you, it is absolutely safe and there is no harm in it.

herbal dry color

If you want to play dry Holi, then for this also you can make herbal colors at home. Just take a little rice flour and add food color and little of water to it. Your herbal dry color is ready.

Herbal Gulal

To make herbal gulal, mix arrowroot powder, turmeric, marigold flowers, orange peel,lemon juice. Then put that ingredients in a large pot and mix with your hands. In no time yellow colored gulal will be ready.

Make magenta color from beetroot

Take a beetroot, grind it and mix it in the flour, it will give magenta color. Mix water in it which will giv beautiful wet magenta color. If you want to make this color darker, then boil it or leave it overnight.

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