Drill Press Machine Checklist for Safety Inspection

Drill Press Machine Safety Inspection Checklist. It is also known as Stand Drill Machine.

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1Drill Press Machine should be physically in good condition without any cuts, cracks, ware and tare in it.
2All moving parts like belt, spindle pully etc should be covered with guard.
3Feed handle should be working smoothly and free from defects.
4Drill chuck and drill beat should be free from defect and in firm condition.
5Table lock, base lock and column lock should be in firm condition without any defects or should not be loose.
6Base table should be clean and should not have any obstruction.
7Lock for spindle movement should be in working condition.
8On Off switch should be in working condition and easily accessible.
9Drill press machine should be grounded properly.
10All connection should be taken through industrial plug only.
11Drill press machine should be operated by trained and authorised personnel only. It should be operated as per manufacturer instruction within prescribed limit.
12Drill press machine should be placed defined area for easy movement of job parts and material movement.
13Manufacturer instruction with required things should be available on machine at proper place.
14Drill Press Machine regular maintenance should be done and recorded.
15All parts of the Machine should be free from rust, oiling and ware & tare. It should be tagged for safe to use after thorough inspection.
Drill Press Machine Safety Inspection Checklist
Drill Press Machine Safety Inspection Checklist

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